Back to the book reviews…

This past month, I’ve given much thought as to why I had let this blog go. I have come to the conclusion that I just wasn’t writing the type of reviews I was meant to write. I am not the kind of person who reads books with the intention of paying attention to what makes something “good” or “bad”. Whether something is a good or bad read is so subjective! I just can’t stress about that anymore.

I have decided to create a review policy based on how I recommend books to the people I know in real life. To me, a book is something you stay up late to finish (super amazing BEST THING EVER type of book), finish the next day (it’s good … but sleep is better), or just read it whenever (maybe finish, maybe not. not holding my interest enough to worry with it).

That is it. That’s basically the way I think of books. Also, I REFUSE to force myself to finish something I don’t like. I am the absolute WORST person in the world when it comes to this. I feel so bad if I don’t complete a book, but I will sometimes hate every second of it. I can’t do this anymore. Life is too short.

So, here’s to the revamped blog. Hopefully I will have a couple reviews up within the next couple of days. =)


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