Hi everyone!

Well, I wanted to see how I felt about the blogging experience before I chose to move to my own server, but the time has come. I am currently trying to get myself situated at my very own domain! This is super exciting for me!


I sincerely hope that my followers will follow me over to my new blog. You can find me at The Girl Raised By Books.

Please come join me!

Back to the book reviews…

This past month, I’ve given much thought as to why I had let this blog go. I have come to the conclusion that I just wasn’t writing the type of reviews I was meant to write. I am not the kind of person who reads books with the intention of paying attention to what makes something “good” or “bad”. Whether something is a good or bad read is so subjective! I just can’t stress about that anymore.

I have decided to create a review policy based on how I recommend books to the people I know in real life. To me, a book is something you stay up late to finish (super amazing BEST THING EVER type of book), finish the next day (it’s good … but sleep is better), or just read it whenever (maybe finish, maybe not. not holding my interest enough to worry with it).

That is it. That’s basically the way I think of books. Also, I REFUSE to force myself to finish something I don’t like. I am the absolute WORST person in the world when it comes to this. I feel so bad if I don’t complete a book, but I will sometimes hate every second of it. I can’t do this anymore. Life is too short.

So, here’s to the revamped blog. Hopefully I will have a couple reviews up within the next couple of days. =)